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Bees and Wasps

Fast and Efficient Bee and Wasp Removal

Bees and Wasps

We have removed thousands of bees and wasps nests from homes and restaurants throughout the Portland and surrounding area. Bees and wasps are flying insects that are attracted to open spaces like wooden stoves, barbecue grills, kitchens, and living areas. They will often make nests in window sills, attics and other such areas that provide room for their work.

Important to Remove Before They Grow in Numbers

Hive-like colonies of bees and wasps can quickly form with as many as 100,000 wasps or more. If there is a significant threat of a hive-like structure, you need to get them out as soon as possible. They may start building new colonies where the original queen is to be found. There are several good options for removing the nest of bees and wasps that we use to remove these bad-bee houses.

Remove Bees and Wasps from Your Home Today!

We are passionate about the work we do and our customers are always our top priority. We will treat your home with the right formula that kills the bees and wasps and destroys the nest, along with removing them all in the process. It’s important to call Pete’s Pest Control as soon as possible as it takes time to get the bees and wasps out of your house. Call us today to schedule a date and time to remove them for you.

At Petes Pest Control Portland, we have the latest equipment and techniques to get rid of bees or wasps in your home. Our team is trained to remove bees and wasps from your home or office, ensuring that they do not return.

Bees and wasps are a common nuisance for many homeowners. These pests can be dangerous, and their sting can be painful. Bees and wasps can both be dangerous to have around your home. Here are a few reasons why you should get rid of them:

  • Bees can sting you, and their stings can be very painful. Wasps can also sting you, but their stings are even more painful than bees’. Both bees and wasps can also cause serious allergic reactions in some people.
  • Bees and wasps can both damage your property. They can build nests in your walls or in other places on your property, which can cause structural damage. They can also ruin your outdoor furniture and other belongings by chewing holes in them.
  • Finally, bees and wasps can be simply annoying. They may buzz around your head or land on you, which can be frightening or irritating.
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Portland Bee and Wasp Control

Bumble bees are not very aggressive, nest anywhere they can feel protected, and are beneficial pollinators of both crops and wildflowers. These bees live in small colonies of hundreds, and can be quite gentle. Bumble bees have a fuzzy abdomen.

Carpenter bees are very similar in appearance to bumble bees, but have a smooth abdomen as opposed to the fuzzy abdomen of bumble bees. These bees are solitary, and CANNOT sting. They burrow into wood, and can be a pest in some wood homes.

Bald-faced hornets are large wasps that live in large nests made of mottled gray paper, usually in trees. These wasps are quite aggressive and put a whopper of a sting on you. Tread lightly around these wasps.

Paper wasps build smaller nests of paper usually on overhangs of buildings. They are moderately aggressive, but the small colonies are quite easy to handle. Catching these nests early with only one or two wasps on it is best for controlling them.

The honey bee is a valuable pollinator and the source of the honey we eat in this country. If you see a honey bee, chances are a beekeeper lives in the area. These bees are not very aggressive, especially alone on flowers.

Yellow jacket wasps are the nuisance wasps that crawl in your soda can and bother you at picnics. They are fairly aggressive and will sting without much provocation. They build nests underground or, unfortunately, in structures such as your attic or walls.

For the most part, an encounter with one of these stinging insects, especially if they are alone, will not result in a sting. Here, the old axiom “leave them alone and they will leave you alone” holds largely true. The bees listed above (bumble bees and honey bees) are mostly gentle creatures who sting in defense of their homes. So unless you stumble across a bee hive, you are highly unlikely to get stung. Just let them go about their business. The same goes for the paper wasps. The hornets and especially the yellow jackets can be more persistent and aggressive…and yellow jackets are notorious scavengers for our sweet human foods and drinks. Swatting at them won’t help. Keeping your food sealed and limiting their exposure will.

An encounter with an entire colony of these insects can be more of a problem. If you encounter a large nest of wasps, or a hive of bees, walk away carefully and quietly. Once again, if you don’t disturb them, you will likely be fine. Should you trigger an attack, then your best bet is to RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN away from the nest. Bees and wasps in general have a defensive zone around their colonies, and if you move out of it, you are likely to be safe. “Playing dead” won’t help…run away!
Finally, if you have a nest of these insects in your home or yard, you may need to have them removed. But perhaps you can find a way to live in peace. If not, we strongly recommend a professional exterminator. Stings can be dangerous, especially if you are part of the 1% or so of Americans who may be allergic.

Treated my house for bedbugs. Pete was extremely patient and thorough in answering all my questions during this very stressful ordeal. I was so impressed w Pete that a few years later ended up working for him!


– Eric Fontaine

We called the 1st time for an ant problem. He responded quickly and professionally. We have continued to use him for all our pest needs. Unfortunately, he could not help us with our raccoon problem but he was able to give us guidance which helped solved the problem. We would never use anyone else for our pest control needs.


  • Ruth Swenson

I used Pete's for Carpenter ants last year (the ants have never came back), and most recently for mice. Both times they were knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Tyler went above and beyond my expectations and I am so pleased with the service I have received both times.I highly recommend Pete's.


– Laura Morrison

I’m so glad I called these guys! Ronda, Pete, and James were all knowledgeable and nice. We were able to schedule a bed bug extermination 3 days out, and they were always available to answer my questions. I will update this review after my second treatment.


  • Jenan Haji

I had a rat infestation ! Called Pete’s and I am grateful to say they were able to keep working with me until all were gone. Very professional, great follow up as well as finding all the openings in foundation that needed to be closed so this wouldn’t happen again. Very pleased to say no more critters!


  • Vivian Mqueeney

These guys are great! I used them for the first time this year, and the results have been amazing. I will 100% use them again and recommend them to anyone with pest issues!


  • Tyson Edwards

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