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Roaches in Your Home

Roach Problems


German cockroaches are the most common in the Pacific Northwest. They are about 1/4″ to 1/2″ long and tan to light brown. Although they have wings, they do not fly. Baby roaches are similar in appearance to adults except that they are smaller and lack wings. The German cockroach is best identified by its small size and by two dark parallel lines running from the back of the head to the wings. It is usually found in kitchens (near dishwashers, stoves, and sinks) and in bathrooms of homes or restaurants.

Another type of cockroach (Brown-banded cockroaches) also have wings, are about 5/8 inch long and are light brown to dark glossy brown. Males are capable of flight. Nymphs and females are broad when viewed from above, while the male is slender. The male’s wings cover the abdomen, whereas the female’s wings are short, exposing the abdomen. Most cockroaches have a flattened, oval shape, spiny legs, and long, filamentous antennae. Immature stages are smaller, have undeveloped wings and resemble adults. These roaches have two light, transverse bands across the base of the wings and abdomen. These bands may appear irregular or broken but are usually quite apparent on the nymphs and females. These insects feed on starchy materials and even non-food materials such as nylon stockings. These roaches are active at night, and nymphs and adults jump rapidly when disturbed. These pests do not require as much moisture as German cockroaches and tend to avoid light.


They prefer to hide in warm, elevated areas near the ceiling, behind wall decorations and loose wallpaper, in closets, beneath or inside upholstered furniture, and in electrical appliances such as TV sets, stereos, radios, and toasters. They develop and live throughout the building, making control difficult. No room or furniture is immune to infestations, and one may find tiny, dark droppings and cast skins on cabinets and shelves. The roaches are commonly transported in furniture, luggage, and other items in houses and soon develop into annoying infestations under warm, humid conditions.

Without a professional pest control operator’s help, roaches are nearly impossible to control for the average home, apartment or business once infested.


Egg capsules are about 1/4 inch long and reddish-brown. The Brownbanded cockroach females carry the egg capsule for 24 to 36 hours. The egg capsule contains 14 to 16 eggs; a female produces 10 to 20 cases in her lifetime. Eggs hatch in 50 to 75 days and nymphs develop in 90 to 270 days, with adults living 150 to 200 days. The capsules are sometimes deposited in clusters on furniture, draperies, and other areas.

Roaches are small, slimy, rodents that feed on your food. They can be a problem in your home and you don’t want them to invade your life. Roaches can enter your home on their own, or they can come in through cracks in the foundation or from outside of your home. Roaches will also leave feces in the corners of the house which can lead to problems if they are not cleaned up. We are able to get rid of roaches from your home.

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Roaches are another nuisance in your home that can cause a variety of problems. There are many ways to get rid of the roaches, but you have to call a professional exterminator. We will use chemical treatments to get rid of the roaches from your home. Our utmost priority is to make sure that our customers are happy, and we have a variety of solutions to get rid of your roaches.

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Roaches can infest your home, and there are many ways that they can affect your daily life. They may seem small, but they are also small enough to hide in small spaces in your home. They also leave feces in the corners of your home that can lead to a variety of problems. You can get rid of the roaches, and we can get rid of the problem by contacting Pete’s Pest Control.

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Treated my house for bedbugs. Pete was extremely patient and thorough in answering all my questions during this very stressful ordeal. I was so impressed w Pete that a few years later ended up working for him!


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